Better Terminal Emulator Pro has the following features:

  • Selectable font-size and color scheme.
  • Selectable column format (40-, 80-, 132-column, and wrap to fit.)
  • Paste (press BALL+2) to paste from the Android clipboard. This is useful for pasting command lines from the Browser.
  • Horizontal and vertical scrolling to provide a virtual terminal that is larger than the phone can display on a single screen.
  • Automatic Horizontal scrollbar hiding as necessary, to keep it out of your way.
  • Full support for Soft Keyboard on all Android phones.
  • Touch-screen Virtual Direction Pad (DPAD) / Trackball, which is useful for Cliq and Droid, but *essential* for the Acer Liquid A1 which lacks any sort of trackball or DPAD.
  • Background Operation: tap the “home” button to keep Better Terminal Emulator Pro running in the background. Use the “back” button to exit Better Terminal Emulator Pro.
  • Customize common keystrokes with Programmable shortcut keys.
  • Useful display management features like: full-screen mode, screen power management, ability to force Landscape orientation.
  • Enhanced Shell with command line history, editing, aliases, and additional Linux commands.
  • Shortcuts to quickly access native apps from the Android home screen.
  • A native SSH Client is included with the Enhanced Shell Download.
  • Intents to launch native apps in a terminal emulator window from third-party apps. Intents can also be used to launch Telnet/SSH Client from third-party apps.
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