Better Terminal Emulator Pro's Enhanced Shell provides a more powerful alternative to the shell built into Android. The Enhanced Shell uses the [ Almquist Shell] to provide additional features such as command line editing, history, completion, and filename completion.

The Enhanced Shell also includes many additional Linux utilities which make working with your device through the command line more productive.

Command Line Editing and History

Command line editing and history is accessed by using the device's trackball or Direction Pad (DPAD). For devices without a DPAD or Trackball, or where it is more convenient to use the touch-screen, the Virtual Direction Pad may be used.

Command and Filename Completion

Use the Tab key to complete a partially entered command for filename. Press Tab twice to see a list of choices. Some phones with a full QWERTY keyboard, like the G1/ADP1 have a Tab key on the keyboard. Other phones with a 4-row keyboard like the Motorola Cliq or Verizon Droid do not. In addition, there is no Tab key on the Soft Keyboard. For these devices, one of the Programmable Shortcuts can be used to implement the Tab key. By default, the Focus Key is configured for this purpose.

Shell / BusyBox Updates

As of December 16, 2009, the current version of BusyBox for Better Terminal Emulator is v1.15.3. To force the shell update to install, do the following:

* Start Better Terminal Emulator Pro with Almquist Shell enabled. * Switch to your “home” directory by entering the <tt>cd</tt> command. * Switch to the “bin” directory <tt>cd ../bin</tt> * Remove BusyBox: <tt>rm busybox.exe</tt> * Make sure your phone has internet connectivity. Close Better Terminal Emulator Pro and restart. The new BusyBox will be downloaded and installed.

Additional Linux Utilities

Better Terminal Emulator Pro's Enhanced Shell includes many additional Linux Utilities. They are located in the <tt>bin/</tt> directory under your home directory.

[            dnsd         install      pscan        tftpd
[[           dos2unix     last         pwd          time
ar           du           length       readlink     top
arp          echo         less         realpath     touch
arping       ed           logname      reformime    tr
ash          egrep        losetup      renice       traceroute
awk          env          ls           reset        true
basename     ether-wake   lsattr       rm           tty
blkid        expand       lzmacat      route        ttysize
brctl        expr         makemime     rx           umount
bunzip2      fakeidentd   md5sum       script       uname
false        mesg         sed          uncompress
bzcat        fgrep        microcom     sendmail     unexpand
bzip2        find         mkfifo       seq          uniq
cal          fold         mknod        setsid       unix2dos
catv         free         more         sh           unlzma
chat         fsck         mount        sha1sum      unzip
chattr       ftpget       mountpoint   sort         uptime
chgrp        ftpput       nc           split        usleep
chroot       fuser        netstat      stat         uudecode
cksum        getopt       nice         strings      uuencode
clear        grep         nmeter       stty         vi
comm         gunzip       nohup        sum          watch
cp           gzip         nslookup     sysctl       wc
cpio         hd           od           tac          wget
cttyhack     head         patch        tail         which
cut          hexdump      pgrep        tar          who
dc           hostid       pidof        tee          whoami
df           hostname     pkill        telnet       xargs
diff         id           popmaildir   telnetd      yes
dirname      ifconfig     printf       test         zcat
dmesg        inetd        ps           tftp
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