Using SIMH

Creating New Software Packages (using 2.11BSD for PDP-11 as an Example)


The software packages for SIMH are stored on the SD-Card in the /sdcard/simh/<simulator>/<packagename>/ directory. You can look at the installed packages as a guide. So, if you wanted to make a package called 211bsd, it would be:


In that directory, you would put the 2.11 BSD disk images, and a configuration file also called 211bsd. The configuration file is a startup script for SIMH which configures the simulator, mounts the disks, and boots the CPU.

Step-by-step Instructions
  1. Download the 2.11BSD Disk Image and gunzip it
  2. Mount the SD Card from your Android phone to your PC, by plugging the USB connector into your PC, and then selecting “Enable USB Storage” from the drop-down notification window. For the purpose of this example, let's assume this comes up as drive S: on your PC.
  3. Create a directory on the SD-Card for 2.11BSD:

mkdir S:\simh\pdp11\211bsd

  1. Copy the 211bsd.dsk image previously downloaded to the SD-Card:

copy 211bsd.dsk S:\simh\pdp11\211bsd\

  1. Create a 211bsd (no extension) SIMH startup script called S:\simh\pdp11\211bsd\211bsd containing the following:
set cpu 11/44 1M
attach rp0 211bsd.dsk
boot rp0

# Unmount the USB Storage device from your PC. # Start [SIMH/Android] on your phone and select 211bsd. # At the : prompt, press return. 2.11BSD will boot up into single-user mode. Press control-d to enter multi-user mode and login as root

If you go to the SIMH Website you will find documentation and some software kits. I like to use a PC to set up the kits, and make sure they work, and then try them on the phone.

A web search will also turn up instructions for how to get additional software running on SIMH.

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