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If you find a bug in Better Terminal Emulator Pro, please see the Contact MagicAndroidApps section for details on how to report the issue. All reported issues are investigated and fixed immediately.

Icon Version Changes
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.42 NOTE Upgrading to this version will cause a new version of the Enhanced Utiities to be downloaded. * Add option to disable “Sticky” modifier keys (useful when using Bluetooth or USB keyboards with tablets.) * Fix segmentation fault (segfault) issues seen with some custom ROMs. * Upgrade SSH. * Add SMP support to BusyBox. * Full support for x86 and ARM-based platforms. * Included Frotz and Adventure game for fun.
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.41 * Fix ALT issue appearing on some docking stations Atrix, Transformer, and some external keyboards. I had made the Right ALT function as Menu key for some Bluetooth keyboards that don't have a Menu key. This has now been added as an option in Menu→Preferences, off by default.
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.40

* Fix “Too much overuse of vibrator” problem. * Fix some emulation bugs. * Add Wake/Wifi Lock support in Preferences. * Reduce size of notification icon. * Add preference to make shift/caps/control keys non-locking (for tablets). * Fix bug where BTEP notification icon would remain persistent after closing app (only appeared on some platforms.) * x86 CPU support.

BTE_v1.5.gif V3.39

* Remove GPS permission. All permissions BTEP requests are so that you can access things like /sdcard or the network from the command line without having to be rooted. * Fix intermittent crash on some devices. * Add support for USB Keyboard on gTablet running CM7. * Add support for Samsung Tablet 10.1 (P3)

BTE_v1.5.gif V3.38

* Fixed crash in Android 1.6. * Added ability to disable locking of Shift. Ctrl, Alt. * Add support for Apple Wireless Keyboard (on Xoom.)

BTE_v1.5.gif V3.35

* Tablet theme so top doesn't get cut off when using HDMI. * Fix F1-F4 when using Bluetooth Keyboard. General Improvements: * Improvements to BTEP SSH Client UI. * Fix Alt+Space to to bring up Special Character Picker.

2. Automatically install the native SSH app via BTEP SSH Client, even if the “Enhanced Shell” has not been installed in BTEP.<br> 3. Automatically disable Enhanced Shell in case of shell download failure (reverts back to standard Android <tt>/bin/sh</tt>.)<br> 4. Fix bug with Swype backspace key when using standard Android shell (<tt>/bin/sh</tt>.) This was not a problem with the Enhanced Shell.

BTE_v1.5.gif V3.16
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.15
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.14
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.13
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.12
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.11
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.10
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.09
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.08
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.07
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.06
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.05
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.04
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.03
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.02
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.01
BTE_v1.5.gif V3.00
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.21
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.20
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.19
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.18
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.17
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.16
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.13
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.12
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.11
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.10
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.09
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.08
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.07
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.06
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.05
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.04
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.03
BTE_v1.5.gif V2.02
BTE_v1.5.gif V1.56
BTE_v1.5.gif V1.55
BTE_v1.5.gif V1.52 Do not resize terminal window if physical keyboard is open. Ability to specify soft-keyboard height. Tab (
BTE_v1.5.gif V1.51
BTE_v1.5.gif V1.5
BTE_v1.4.jpg V1.43
BTE_v1.4.jpg V1.42
BTE_v1.4.jpg V1.41
BTE v1.3.png V1.3
BTE v1.2.png V1.2
BTE v1.png V1.0
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